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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can different supplements be consumed together?

Generally, there is no concern taking several supplements together, but we recommend seeking a medical practioner’s advice when in doubt.



2. What should I take note of when buying a supplement?

The origin of the product is hard to trace, and a fake/expiry date re-printed product will harm your body. Therefore, it is only safe to buy from a reputable reseller to ensure authenticity.



3. Are the products sold in your shop authentic?

Yes, we assure you that all products sold in our shop are 100% original and authentic. Should you have further queries regarding the authenticity of our products, kindly contact the respective brands for further verification. 



4. Where is your store located and how long can I expect to receive the product?

We have a warehouse located locally. All items purchased will be shipped to you in around 2 to 5 working days.



5. How long can I expect to see results after starting the supplements?

A variety of factors can have an influence on the time it takes to see the benefits of the vitamins on your body – from the type of supplement you’re taking to the ways certain nutrients interact with each other in the body. In general, it takes three to six weeks to see noticeable changes. Speak to your medical professional if you have any queries on the effects of supplements. 



6. Can I take the supplement in higher doses than what is recommended?

It is recommended to follow the dosage stated on the product labels. If you have questions regarding vitamin dosing, it’s best to consult a medical professional or the supplement brands directly. .



7. How should I store my vitamins and supplements?

Before choosing a place to store your dietary supplements, be sure to check the product label for directions. To extend shelf-life, vitamins and other dietary supplements should be stored in a cool and dry place. Store them in their original containers and out of reach of children. Be sure to avoid any cabinets or shelves that are close to windows or kitchen cabinets where temperature and humidity might fluctuate.



8. What is the best time to take supplements?

Normally, most vitamins can be taken at any time of day. That said, some vitamins are better absorbed under special conditions, which is why it’s good to check the product labels for instructions before consumption. 



9. Can I still take supplements if I have an existing medical condition/am taking medication?

If you have any pre-existing conditions, or are on any medications talk to your medical professional before use. 



10. What should I do if I have side effects from the supplements?

If you encounter any side effects, stop the intake immediately. If effects persist, seek medical help immediately.



11.Can vitamins and supplements make up for a poor diet?

Vitamin & mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. 



12. I am a vegetarian. What supplements should I take? 

We have a list of vegetarian supplement options. Refer to the list here



13. Which country are your supplements manufactured in? 

Our products are mainly produced and imported from Australia and New Zealand. 



14. How do I know which supplements I need to take?

Depending on your needs, you can speak to our Baebear Team to find out more on your supplements options.  Alternatively, seek your medical professional’s advice on detailed supplements needs.